New harem pants from 😺


…Gangstarr. Produced by DJ Premier & Guru.

Sample Sunday

Gangstarr F/ Nice & Smooth~ “DWYCK”

For those of you that don’t know…Atmosphere’s beat is in this Target commercial!!!!!&??(

Did anyone else hear Atmosphere’s She’s enough on a Target commercial? lol


panchovilla1977 asked:

Omg. I live in Lancaster PA and I'll video chat, I make 100k a year have a beemer and a truck and I will so come down n take u out cuz u look cool and are my vision of what beauty is. Hope I hear from u


lol rusrs


Quote from Tupac’s 'Keep Ya Head Up'.

Available for purchase here -

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Lovin this piece I got from durtyart . As soon as its a little more flat it’s goin up on my wall! #Atmosphere #Seandaley #Rhymesayers


hamsa on my thigh, taken a few hours after it was finished. spider ink/bronx, NY.