threeninjass asked:

Will you be seeing Bus live any time soon? You should totally tell him Three Ninjas says hi. He might be delighted.


Yep. I’ll be at the Philly show, and I’m quite excited to see him live for the first time :)

Forever Playing: @busdriverr ❤️ I can’t wait to see him live!

Marry me, whole foods ❤️💜♥️😻♥️💜❤️

It would be nice to get more views, or maybe even one bid on this before it ends in 8 hours….

#LaterGram Someone buy me this shirt and I’ll love you forever. #philly #tastyjawn #southstreet #earlyXmasGift

Shopping for antiques ❤️

True story, bruh. #music #ilovemusic #hammontonantiques #hammontonnjsouthjersey

So I went to Marco’s pizza for the first time tonight. The sign on the door advertised a slice of pizza for $1.99. My boyfriend and I walked in and I asked for two slices of cheese pizza. Long story short, they said no, even though it’s a certified pizza parlor with pizza everywhere So I threw the menu at the cashier, threw a fit and walked out. Piece of shit parlor. -.-